We team up with the world’s best luxury brands to organise the UK’s most exclusive london sample sales; online sample sales and sample sales throughout the United Kingdom. We offer a range of services and a packed schedule of luxury sample sales for both keen shoppers and an ever-growing list of partner brands. You can keep up to date on our upcoming online sales and brands we’re working with by subscribing to our mailing list.


What are they?

Fashion brands have to place large orders for stock to ensure they have enough coverage to attain sales without selling out. Often sample sales are an avenue for brands to sell the excess stock that didn't sell through when it was in retail stores, or on online stores; or sell pieces from the runway or samples that have been created during the development and production process. In order to reduce wastage and to be more sustainable, brands look to sample sales to sell this excess stock  with aggressive discounts (sometimes reaching 90% off its original retail price). Brands do not hold sample sales regularly and are often a flash sale which only last for a matter of days. Some sales are for exclusive groups of people, whilst others are open to the public but require a reservation but then there are those you can walk into and shop. Do remember that some brands market sample sales under other names. Popular names are 'outlet sales'; 'warehouse sales'; 'private sales', and more. 

Frequenly Asked Questions

Sample Sales

How to find sample sales

London sample sales, or sample sales in general are not widely promoted by brands themselves but can be found by subscribing to our newsletter, or by checking our Sample Sale Diary on a regular basis. In terms of physical locations, in London sample sales can generally be found in locations such as The Music Rooms; The Vinyl Factory or The Box. Smaller brands may use pop up spaces in and around London whilst others may also use their own retail spaces and studios. 



Is your brand currently looking to host a sample sale but needs some support? aSample is here to help. Our professional end-to-end service will take the stress and hassle out of organising a sample sale. We’ll help to look after the flow and management of inventory; provide access to our database of partners to secure dates and locations that work for you as a brand; and match you with a team of people to help organise, run and even pack down your sale. We’ll also work with our extensive contacts to promote your sample sale and maximise its opportunity. If you’re interested, let us know by completing the enquiry form on the link below.